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Chronic Pain Relief … How to Get Back to You

If you suffer from chronic pain, you know how debilitating the pain can be. It can take the joy out of your life, the fun out of your experiences, and leave you isolated and unable to participate in activities with the people you love. Chronic Pain Relief is not always easy to come by. If you do receive a  prescription for a narcotic, there are almost always additional side effects  to deal with. 

Until now, there has not been a healthy alternative to chronic pain relief. CBD is proven to be a natural pain reliever. It has helped hundreds of thousands of people just like you get out of chronic pain. CBD products have also helped individuals regain the quality of life they have been missing. 

Miracle CBD and More offers several chronic pain relief products and bundles to support bringing the joy back to your life. We are founded by a local family from their own personal success when using CBD based products for chronic pain- neuropathy and  fibromyalgia.

Many members of our family and our close friends are proof that CBD works and can help you get out of pain for good. Use our Chronic Pain Relief Bundle to ease your chronic pain. This bundle includes a 2500mg chiro cream and a 2500mg CBD tincture oil. 


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I recently had a total knee replacement surgery. Between the pain, and the anxiety from the narcotic pain meds, I was absolutely miserable. I cried and I shook. I couldn't handle the strong pain meds, and they weren't really helping with the pain anyways. The 2500mg CBD topical cream helped alleviate the pain I felt. The 2500mg CBD oil helped to minimize the anxiety I was feeling from the prescription meds. With my second knee replacement, I didn't even use the prescription pain meds but rather just the oil and cream to help me get through the pain. BEST STUFF EVER!

- Linda Tatlock

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