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Military PTSD: Anxiety and Nightmares

In honor of memorial day, I wanted to take this opportunity to not only bring awareness to the loss of our fallen soldiers, but also to the PTSD Anxiety and Nightmares that our veterans and armed forces experience. 

As a spouse of a disabled veteran, who was wounded in action, I have experienced first hand what happens after our vets come home. What they’ve seen, what they continue to see in nightmares and basic triggers and sounds that we take for advantage. They’ve lost friends and battle buddies not only in the field but to the PTSD they experience at home. 

There is so much that we do not understand, that we do not experience, and that we take for granted. PTSD causes so many soldiers to take their lives after they’ve returned home. Their battle buddies are having increased PTSD attacks as they learn the news of those they’ve considered family and fought in war with and they learn of their struggles. 

On days like these, when learning of the loss of a battle buddy, I’ve spent many nights comforting my husband, and sometimes all I can do is lay on the floor through the night with him, rubbing his back. 

There have been many nights that my husband has experienced anxiety and PTSD attacks where we have laid on the floor. He has suffered nightmares when taking prescription sleep medication. Or sleepless nights when he’d rather not sleep than relive the nightmares. He was unable to experience loud crowds or events due to the nature of his PTSD and how he instinctively responds. Even with a PTSD Service dog there are still some things that are not improved. 

A few months back I had asked him to indulge me. Try the CBD oil to help with the anxiety and PTSD that he experiences. Take the CBD gummies to help you sleep, without the nightmares. He was very hesitant at first. Reluctant about the impact on his work, his job, drug test, and a million questions. After much discussion, research and thought, he decided to give it a try. 

We started with the 1500mg CBD Oil, and the 10mg VitaSleep Gummies. We wanted to ensure that there weren't any negative effects and that it would help with the PTSD and anxiety. He was able to sleep better, not waking up constantly, and less anxiety around the daily activities we all experience. It was a relief to know that we could get results with a natural product, something the prescription medication couldn’t give him. 

He currently takes 2500mg CBD Oil and the 25mg Koi Sleep Gummies. He sleeps through the night, without the nightmares. He has minimal anxiety and PTSD related issues. The news of a fallen soldier or battle buddy still shakes him to the core and impacts his day, but knowing we can find relief with these amazing CBD products has allowed us to achieve a level of our life we didn’t have before. 

If you know someone who has battled with PTSD and anxiety from their military time, take time to share this with them, and show them that there is help. 


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Minimal anxiety and a goods night sleep have been inaccessible for over a decade. Today, life is amazing and I'm so grateful to have the ability to enjoy life and sleep without multiple wake ups or nightmares.

- Zach Leet

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