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CBD, Anxiety & You


One thing that affects many people is stress. The stress of work, parenting, and the world have many people looking for routes to relieve the growing problems that stay in mind without the use of turning to pharmaceutical products which are known to be addictive. CBD has been an ever-growing second option that has many believing it’s the answer for onset of problems from anxiety to even offsetting the effects of PTSD.

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is known as a cannabis sativa constituent. It is a safer option for those looking for the effects of cannabis without the psychoactive effects of THC. While there are still more studies being done, CBD has been known to have therapeutic effects for anxiety and to relieve the effects of some neuropsychiatric disorders. It has been helpful to a wide body of those dealing with different issues from all walks of life.

CBD & What You Should Know

While THC has been known for being a class 1 substance, the CBD derived from it in pure form has been known to alleviate stress and even help others dealing with high anxiety. It has even been known to decrease the effects of epilepsy. Many institutions agree that CBD isn't addictive in pure form. It can even be helpful. But there isn’t much research into it because of THC classification as a class 1 substance.

Many who do use it recommend becoming acclimated to CBD as you would with any supplement. This allows the body and mind to become accustomed to its effectiveness. From research gathered in the census of July 2023, 51% of U.S. adults who use CBD do so to help alleviate their anxiety. According to a recent Forbes poll conducted of over 2,000 adults, this wave has grown as more forms of CBD are available to help combat other issues.

CBD & Its Uses

CBD for anxiety can be administered in several different ways depending on what you’re more comfortable with. The following are different forms and general use of CBD:

Oils and tinctures, which come in dropper bottles and are consumed by mouth

Gummies, which are chewable, sweet, and often fruit-flavored

Sprays, which come in bottles with a nozzle to be sprayed in the mouth

Capsules, soft gels, or tablets, which are taken individually by mouth like a pill

Vapes, which heat CBD oil without igniting it, resulting in an inhalable vapor

Flowers, which are dried hemp plants that are typically ignited and smoked

Creams and gels, which introduce CBD through the skin         

Another important factor to remember when using CBD is consumption and the need for moderation to understand what works better for you. While there is still much research being done, a recent research study gave positive feedback for those using CBD to deal with Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD).

Most researchers and experts will warn against taking a high dosage of CBD to start so you can slowly get used to any changes that occur during use. Clinical trials to help those dealing with those suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder, but for those using CBD for PTSD and insomnia could do with smaller dosing. It all depends and varies from person to person. One reason why research is constantly being pursued is to keep the public informed.

CBD & The Risk

Most people who are ill-informed about CBD only see a similar likeness to that of the substance it's derived from which is THC. The difference is that CBD doesn’t carry the same risk as THC’s psychoactive properties. In controlled dosage, CBD has been known to regulate injuries and relieve pain.

The World Health Organization has deemed that CBD while still being researched more poses little to no threat. As with other drugs, you should get opinions from medical professionals on what is best for you. CBD should not be used with other medications without consulting as side effects of weight gain, drowsiness, upset stomach, and change in appetite may occur. But responsibly used, CBD can help level off those who feel a little help is necessary.

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