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Talking To Your Doctor About Medical Cannabis

Most people know that you can use cannabis recreationally. But what about for bettering your life? Medical cannabis is often seen as a remedy, not an actual practice. But there have been cases where it is shown that cannabis can help relieve certain symptoms from normal nausea and anxiety to helping those who are dealing with cancer therapy.

How can you bring this up to your provider without seeming like you want to get “stoned?” Not only is medical cannabis a practice that can help. But it is normally more cost-efficient as well. The stigma of just wanting to get high has mainly been erased over the past decade when it comes to cannabis. Whether it be for stabilizing your mood, dealing with anxiety, or regulating a diet there are many reasons you should talk to your doctor about whether it may be right for you.

One thing you should know before approaching your doctor with your concerns is that medical cannabis is a legal medicine.

The practice of medical cannabis has been used by those suffering from anxiety, soldiers who deal with PTSD, and even those who deal with the ramifications of cancer treatments such as chemotherapy. So, while you may want to talk to your doctor about it and feel unsure, you should be confident in the fact that while there is little research many people use medical cannabis to help them out.

Also, it is not for “stoners”. There are doctors, lawyers, and athletes who use medical cannabis and not just to get high. Medical cannabis is no different from OxyContin or any other drug prescribed. It must be done responsibly and safely just like any other medication. Do not let the stigmas or hang-ups from one medical opinion shy you away from trying a more natural form of medical therapy. 

The difference between cannabis and other “traditional medicines" is that often patients know more about cannabis than doctors.

This is expected. Even though it is legalized, there still has not been a large push to understand or research cannabis from pharmaceuticals. This has nothing to do with whether it is bad for you or not. It's just a lack of information.

Most cannabis users only know how they will be affected after using it for the first time. Honestly the same could go for any new prescription any doctor would give you. You try it out and let them know how your observations and forthcomings were after using the medicine.

There should not be much hold up against prescribing medical cannabis. But most doctors go with their expertise. If you genuinely want to take the step to using medical cannabis, it is important that you first become knowledgeable on cannabis itself and openly communicate with your medical professional as this two-way communication helps with guidance for what is best for you.

It should be known that most medical cannabis users usually go this route after other options have failed.

Medical cannabis often helps relieve pain and relax users. It is important to have a thorough understanding of your body and medical history. This is why open communication is important when discussing this topic with your medical provider.

Another important thing is to be honest with your doctor about whether you are already using cannabis. There is no point in prescribing medical cannabis with a dosage that matches your regular use. More so, it would also help a doctor to know how it has already helped if you have been using cannabis products already.

The most important thing is starting the conversation.

Many people are unsure of talking to a medical professional about cannabis use. Whether it is for fear of being judged or even trying to challenge medical knowledge, but it is as simple as asking a question. Of course, you might not hear the answer you want. But opening the conversation, especially with knowledge on your side, is not harmful.

There are resources for doctors that you can bring up such as Althea, Entoura, and Medihuanna which are all support portals that offer courses and information on how marijuana can help medically. Also casually work it into a conversation about observations you have read about or seen. This helps because the medical field is ripe with professionals who have their own opinions and can support the questions you may have about using medicinal cannabis.

The best piece of advice you can hear is that you are not alone.

You are not the only individual who has thought I wonder if this will work for me. It happens with other medicines. And it happens all the time with those curious about medical cannabis. Take a chance if you feel like it is right for you. For more information and testimonies on how medical cannabis or products can help visit miraclecbdandmore.com.  Find out what works best for you.

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