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My husband Mike and I decided to open our Miracle CBD and More store because over the last few years, we have experienced the benefits and life changing capabilities that CBD Products provide. We sell the products we use every single day.

We have shared these products with the people in our lives we love the most- and now, we share them with you. Our hope and prayer is that you too will TRY these products, LOVE THEM and SHARE them with your family and friends! 

CHRONIC BACK PAIN: I shattered my L4-L5 vertebrae in a sledding accident when i was 15 and suffered from chronic pain every day of my life since- Then I discovered CBD 1500 mg chiro cream and 5 minutes after rubbing it on my lower back- for the first time in 25 years- I felt NO PAIN. I have used it every day since. 

INSOMNIA: I then started taking 1500 mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil daily and realized my insomnia went away and I began sleeping 8 hours a night! 

TERMINAL ILLNESS: My mother in law was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic terminal cancer. A terminal illness affects the entire family. My MIL used the 1500 mg chiro cream for her pain - and 2500mg CBD full spectrum oil to help with her pain and anxiety and depression that comes with the terminal diagnosis. My father in law used CBD pills and CBD 1500 mg oil to help with his anxiety and depression, watching his wife of 32 years suffer from this disease. 

ANXIETY: My teenage son, Ethan, used our CBD gummies to help him focus and concentrate before tests in school. He suffered from test anxiety. 

STOMACH PROBLEMS: My other teenage son suffered from gastro intestinal issues and sensitivity to various foods. He took CBD gummies and they helped him and eased his stomach pain. 

FIBROMYALGIA: we have a family member that suffers from Fibromyalgia and this disease stole her quality of life. She was in so much pain every day and the pills he DR gave her just made her groggy and tired. After 10 days of taking 1500 mg CBD OIL and using the 1500 chiro cream, she had no more pain and was able to resume the activities she loved doing again. 

MIGRAINES: My husband fell out of our attic and landed on his head! Thank God he only ended up with a concussion, but those headaches were so severe. He rolled the 1125 mg roll- on over his temples, forehead and base of his neck and within minutes his massive concussion migraine was gone!


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How has CBD helped you and your family to achieve pain free and anxiety free living? 

Every month we will choose on of our customers who shares there story with a free product to help them to continue to enjoy the CBD benefits. 

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Our Relieved Customers

After a total knee replacement, I could not get any relief from the prescription meds, instead they made me anxious. CBD cream and CBD oil helped with the pain and the anxiety. 

Linda Knee Replacement

After 15 years of back pain from 2 herniated discs, I started taking CBD oil and CBD chiropractic strength cream and within days felt an overall sense of ongoing relief.

Nicole Severe Back Pain

After a car accident, the worst 2 years of my life followed. In February of 2018, I tried CBD and  couldn’t believe what happened next, my pain was gone. 

Jess W. Car Accident