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Severe Pain Relief Bundle (5000mg CBD)

What It Is: 

This duo filled with Severe Pain Relief CBD bundle packs quite a punch in knocking out your pain. Use the oil every day by taking one full dropper, and use the cream as needed for spot treatments of pain. It’s a complete solution to relieve your severe pain and get back to the things you enjoy.

Why Our Customers Love It:

  • The amount of CBD provides a quick and long term solution to unbearable pain
  • At a total of 5000mg it is one of the highest CBD contents available
  • They get back to living and moving again and stop letting severe pain relief take control

The Down and Dirty Details:

  • 5,000mg total CBD
  • 2500mg Chiro Cream & 2500mg Tincture Oil
  • Chiropractic Strength
  • Independent Lab Tested

Package Size: 7oz total (4oz and 3 oz)